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How many times have you drooled over some easy DIY project on pinterest and just left it at that? I loved these paint dipped cans and thankfully i had a few different sizes just lying around! Yay recycling, organizing and designing all in one. Woot!


First off, let me just say the paint part was an epic fail. Without the right colors, this project will look pretty lame. So i suggest picking your colors wisely first. Wish i had a picture for you guys, but I’ll spare you the sight and show you the finished product. To cover up the hideous paint I used some lovely Washi tape!

I just made this purchase last week from PrettyTape on Etsy. I can’t even tell you how confused my husband was that i bought tape off of Etsy. He is still confused but I am excited about all the different options with usin this stuff. Hopefully more projects soon!


Only took 2 years…

Sometimes projects just dont go well. In this case… its taken 2 years. Yikes! I bought this “E” from goodwill for maybe 2 bucks almost TWO years ago! It started off as a badly colored gold color so i decided to spray paint it purple and go from there. One of the problems with this one was it was broken in a few places. Both the top and the bottom have huge cracks and i kept filling them with glue but since they were hollow, the glue would settle through the bottom of the whole thing. So eventually i gave up and forgot about it. Now, this is for my sweet sister, Erin. Shes the one who taught me to crochet over here. Then i had a beyond brilliant idea… not only will using yarn hold the E together, it will also be a crocheter’s dream! (is that how to spell corcheter?! is that even a word?)

So voila! It actually took a lot more yarn than i expected and it was also more difficult to wrap than i expected. All of the straight sections were pie. But all of those edges and corners… two words: glue gun. I also tried to wrap them “pretty” instead of looking like i was intoxicated while i did it… or without it looking like it has a grey cast on.

Oh, and see that little grey ball of yarn? That is all thats left! I’d used it for one or two small projects but most of it is wrapped on that there “E”!

Heres a bit more detail on the edges for ya…

I thought about adding a little crochet flower or some other decor like that but… i like simplicity. I definitely tend to overcomplicate things.

Have any projects that have been sitting around for 2 years? Get on that!

Hope you like it, Erin!!


Recycle old shirts: DIY Shredding

I don’t post often about clothing but i thought I’d post about my new found project on recycling old shirts… i had an old white t-shirt that is super comfy but just didnt really fit me right, so i decided to give shredding a go! Click on the photo below for the tutorial i used on how to get it started..

Here is what my shirt looks like up close:

Here is a really great online tutorial on how to get it going… its pretty fun and when you get the hang of it goes really fast. I think my next project might be a cardigan, that would look pretty sweet! Oh! and when you get started, you cut off the bottom hem, i decided to use it as a headband! Works really well and it’s free! What whaaat!


Dominican Sea Glass

Definitely spent a lot of time on the beach in the Dominican Republic and found tons of sea glass… there was SO much of it…

Make sure when you bring it back, NOT to carry it on the plane in your carry on…. im pretty sure they wont be too happy with shards of glass on a plane! So, first, i took all the pieces and cleaned them. I just used water to get the sand and salt off.

Once they dried, i just decided to throw them in a little bowl for my living room!

Oh! Also, i got these new pierced metal hurricanes from target – yay for clearance! I’ve loved them for a while but i wasn’t willing to shell out 40+ bucks so snagged them soon as they went on sale. Woot!


How to recycle an old door – Part 2

Heres the second part of how to build a door desk! Now that it’s done, I am more than excited about it and it looks super great! Also, I now have double the work space before which is perfect! So here is how I finished her up…

The door was super dirty by the time i got back to the project, my brother decided it would be a great place to store all of his power tools. Typical. Let lets just say it took a lot longer than i thought to clean this sucker up! Heres the handy dandy supplies needed:

– paint pan

– large paint roller

– smaller sponge roller (not required but came in handy)

-small paintbrush

– Primer. I used Behr Enamel Undercoater Primer & Sealer.

– Paint: I used a white satin acrylic based paint

-Sand paper blocks


Maybe one of the most important steps! Before you ever even think about painting; sand, sand, sand! In the picture above you can see there was some filler that needed to be sanded off as well.  This helps smooth out surfaces as well as prepare the surfaces to really hold on to the primer and paint. I also sanded in between the two layers of paint to smooth out any drips.


Primer is not always necessary but it helps cut down the number of paint layers and really makes the paint stick. Its great on slick surfaces even laminate and really holds the paint. Its also less expensive than paint so one layer of primer might save you from one or two additional layers of paint!

Primer was necessary for my table because i used nothing but scraps – as you can tell there are at least three different types of wood in very different shades; one white(ish) door, red oak and plywood. The primer (top right) really levels out the colors and makes the paint smooth and even.


I have a small obsession with thick paint. All of my paintings have dozens of thick layers and textures of paint so when painting furniture i tend to go too thick. This time around i made sure to do thin, even layers and it really came out beautifully. All it needed was one layer of primer and two thin layers of paint. So my final desk is perfect! It has plenty of table space, clean, modern design, room for storage (i have a thing for boxes and baskets… so much better than boring drawers!) and best of all, it was free!

So heres my new office – its definitely a place where I sit down and automatically feel comfortable, stress free and ready to be creative. I love it!

Have you guys been building anything lately? Refurbish one man’s junk to make something rad? Speaking of, i have some oh so lovely goodwill finds to share soon! Woot!


How to recycle an old door

Have any old doors lying around? For some reason people have been throwing them at me lately (not literally) but Kennys folks had about three, my brother had 2 and some coworkers even tried to give me some old doors. I suppose one is enough for now! Ana White has multiple projects that include using hollow core doors so i thought i’d try it! And from a recent post here you know that I’ve been on the search for a new computer desk. So i decided to recycle this old yucky door into a new pretty desk!

First step was to cut that sucker down.  A full length door would be better used for a dining table (which I’ve seen done!) But considering i have no need currently for a dining table… here we go. The trick with this is to score the wood first so it doesn’t fray. A circular saw is definitely the way to go. If you don’t have any tools, you can always borrow them from a neighbor or you can just rent them from home improvement stores. Since cutting the door in half weakens the door on the cut side, your best bet is to find a piece of wood to fit and clue and nail her in there. I plan on putting this desk through a lot so the best bet it to make her a sturdy and stable as possible.

Step two: find a piece of scrap wood to fit and glue. Step three: wedge the glue covered wood into the space. And last, staple gun that sucker in there just incase!

Then I used Patch n paint spackling to fill the small holes and then a more heavy duty hole filler for the hinges. I decided to leave the hole for the door knob and use it to hide all of my computer cables.

The next step: legs! Incase you don’t remember, here is the basic table idea that i was trying to duplicate:

This design is from West Elm and you can take a look here. Mine is a lot wider and deeper so I had to make adjustments to the depth and width of the legs so they fit to the door. Instead of an in depth step by step, heres the overview:

Heres the skinny:

A. Select wood – since I was workin at Mr. H’s shop, he had tons of scraps which made this entire project Free!

B. Slightly panic as Mr. H shows me how to use a table saw. *Let me explain. I’m down with power tools. They pretty much excite me. But that thing is just scary… especially for someone clumsy like me! Two power tools i will (hopefully) never use: Table saw & chain saw.

C. View of Mr. H severing a limb cutting the wood

D&E. Sanding all the sharp edges

F&G: Let me introduce you to the BRILLIANT invention of Biscuits!

H: We used a biscuit joint cutter to cut slits in all the wood. Instead of using expensive screws or a Kreg Jig that takes ages to predrill all the holes, you easily cut slits in the wood then a biscuit and some glue. It makes incredibly strong joints and saves cash in the long run.

i: After the biscuits were glued and inserted in the joints, the wood was completely solid.

j: Here i measured furring strips to make cleaner edges and cover the plywood edges

k: I may have gone clamp crazy. since using nothing but glue, you gotta make sure theres no gaps!

l: Next i nailed the furring strips in place (this actually came before K but who is judging?!)

m: used more of the spackling for filler on the edges.

Next steps: sanding the filler, painting and putting the whole thing together! *Hopefully* soon!


25 or 6 to 4

Headed over to Goodwill a few weeks ago to see what treasures i could find and saw this…

HUNDREDS of records for my record player! Woot! I seriously sat on that floor for probably an hour going through each and every record on the shelf. Let me tell you- i found some WEIRD records! Heres some of my favorites for you:

Elvis Presley lookin super awkward…

Beer Barrel Polka. Why i didn’t actually purchase this, i have no idea.

This guy is probably my favorite. Mariachi Christmas. I love the quote on the top “Take the festive sprit of the Christmas season, spice well with the merry mariachi sounds & you have a wassail bowl full of the happiest holiday music ever!” Consider me sold. Who wouldn’t want to celebrate Christ’s birth with this sombrero-wearing and fake mustache-sporting talented musician?!

Eventually made it to the end and came back with some Frankie, Dean Martin and the one i was most excited to come across; Chicago. I’m a sucker for 70s rock… and who doesn’t love  “25 or 6 to 4” ?!

Hope you have a lovely monday!


Armadillo Christmas Bazaar

Heres some photos of fun booths and unique art!

One of my fav booths – nothing but antique letter press boxes and letters.

These were fun – they were all different characters made out of antiques and trash!

And this guy…. err… girl… thing. Awesome. And completely worth $400 asking price. Oh Armadillo Christmas Bazaar, how i love you. Till next year!

Ok, ok, i admit it…

You know how this weekend i snagged some records for only 5 bucks? Funny thing is… i don’t have a record player yet. But for the record (haha, get it?) I’ve been on the lookout for a record player for the last few months. What I’m looking for is something like this:

Rad, huh?! I would love to find an old, ugly broken one and fix ‘er up… what i would REALLY love is a console like this:

Maybe throw in some brand new speakers… an ipod hook up and then youve got a beautiful multi use console table! And then i can play my fancy new Frank & Ella records 🙂 Now just waiting for a good priced one on craigslist! (*fingers crossed*)