Spring Sales!

You know you love a good sale…. i headed over to the oh so lovely (yet slightly overpriced) Container Store! I’ve been trying to redesign my art studio/office grey and yellow but for some reason… spring doesn’t include the color yellow? Seriously, does that make sense?!

Ok just look at all of these cute boxes! The problem? Do you see ANY yellow ANYWHERE?! No!

So since i had zero luck finding any yellow storage, i just went with white. Honestly, did i miss something? Is yellow a no no these days? I went to MULTIPLE stores and found almost nothing yellow! Anyway, heres a quick shot of the bin i got when i was running out to the car. That takes some good self restraint to go into the Container store and only leave with ONE item! Go me!

After not a ton of success at the Container Store… there was a lovely Crate & Barrel just across the street… and who doesn’t love going into C&B?

These really make me wish i had a porch again… at least one that isn’t covered with mud and doggie poo poo (if you missed the memo, read this so you don’t think I’m nuts)

Doesn’t that just look lovely? I could see me sitting on my porch over the lake with a cup o joe in the morning reading different blogs…. (sigh)

I’ve always loved this series… just the colors and patterns all together just rock my face off.

Ok, so i know some people don’t understand the white furniture thing.. but don’t you just love this? It just looks clean and sleek and makes all your bold accessories just POP! Love it. By the way, i also left C&B without buying a thing… that just takes mad talent.

Done any fun shopping lately? Have a favorite store? Let me know where all the goods are!


And the organizing begins…

I think I am one of the only women in the world to not yet do this but here we go… what do you get when you mix a basket and 2 cute $1 cups?

A mani/pedi basket!

I’m sure everyone reading this has already done something similar… but for some reason i never did. And yesterday I wanted to do my nails and realized my clippers were in one place, my nailpolish remover in another and then nail polish in about 15 different places… So voila!

Of course i had to do my nails after i put together this fun lil kit… so went crazy with some french tips and purple toes! So though this was no huge feat but it is definitely a step towards organized. This also works for anything else you might have cluttered all over your home. Think of something that you have a lot of a organize! Jars, baskets, drawers, trays… be creative and get organized!

Oh, and heres my delish lunch!

Spinach + chicken + teriyaki sauce. Its inexpensive, fast, healthy and delish! What more could you ask for in a 2 minute lunch? BTW, go out and get Soy Vay Teriyaki sauce… NO, im not sponsored by them (though i should with how much of it i eat) but it is by far the best I’ve ever tasted except the stuff you can get in Tianjin which really, you cant compete with authentic but its close!