Dream Art Studio

So I’m goin crazy crammed in my little office corner. I am blessed to have as much space as i have… but I’ve been dreaming of a larger space… not just an office but enough room for an actual studio.

Heres some studios I’ve been drooling over…

Incredible studio for printmaking. Link found here

This colorful art studio just seems to draw out creativity… love the space for multiple different projects. Might throw me into ADD mode. See more pictures here.

LOVE this antique cubby. Great for storage.. theres antique boxes and shelves all over the room that add beautiful texture and peeling paint – just love it. See more of the studio here.

This is such a bright room! Check out more shots here.

I adore this bright, clean art studio. All the storage space and table space… oh the things i would create in there! Check out dozens of pictures on Donnas blog.

This studio to the artist Marina Dorignac is inspirational.

And of course last but not least, Mae Chevrette.

I’ve posted about her beautiful art over here but just wanted to show off her incredible, funky studio.

I know, right? I love it. The texture, the greenery, the color… love it. Also check out her work…  youll love that even more 🙂 Till next time!


*For original source of each image – click image!


How to recycle an old door – Part 2

Heres the second part of how to build a door desk! Now that it’s done, I am more than excited about it and it looks super great! Also, I now have double the work space before which is perfect! So here is how I finished her up…

The door was super dirty by the time i got back to the project, my brother decided it would be a great place to store all of his power tools. Typical. Let lets just say it took a lot longer than i thought to clean this sucker up! Heres the handy dandy supplies needed:

– paint pan

– large paint roller

– smaller sponge roller (not required but came in handy)

-small paintbrush

– Primer. I used Behr Enamel Undercoater Primer & Sealer.

– Paint: I used a white satin acrylic based paint

-Sand paper blocks


Maybe one of the most important steps! Before you ever even think about painting; sand, sand, sand! In the picture above you can see there was some filler that needed to be sanded off as well.  This helps smooth out surfaces as well as prepare the surfaces to really hold on to the primer and paint. I also sanded in between the two layers of paint to smooth out any drips.


Primer is not always necessary but it helps cut down the number of paint layers and really makes the paint stick. Its great on slick surfaces even laminate and really holds the paint. Its also less expensive than paint so one layer of primer might save you from one or two additional layers of paint!

Primer was necessary for my table because i used nothing but scraps – as you can tell there are at least three different types of wood in very different shades; one white(ish) door, red oak and plywood. The primer (top right) really levels out the colors and makes the paint smooth and even.


I have a small obsession with thick paint. All of my paintings have dozens of thick layers and textures of paint so when painting furniture i tend to go too thick. This time around i made sure to do thin, even layers and it really came out beautifully. All it needed was one layer of primer and two thin layers of paint. So my final desk is perfect! It has plenty of table space, clean, modern design, room for storage (i have a thing for boxes and baskets… so much better than boring drawers!) and best of all, it was free!

So heres my new office – its definitely a place where I sit down and automatically feel comfortable, stress free and ready to be creative. I love it!

Have you guys been building anything lately? Refurbish one man’s junk to make something rad? Speaking of, i have some oh so lovely goodwill finds to share soon! Woot!


Bored at work…

Operation organize studio is almost done! woot woot! Super stoked about that one… i’d love to just work from home all the time! So today i decided to work on a small project involving picture frames! Since I’m trying to deck it out with yellow and grey (and being rather unsuccessful) i decided to take matters into my own hands.

Welcome to my office! I may or may not have used my work printer to print out some designs i made… shhh, don’t tell. i use inspiration from random patterns i found online and made my own on illustrator in, you guessed it, yellow and grey! Can you see my little yeti in the bottom left corner? i love that lil guy. I’ll post ALL about where these guys are going soon!


Grey + Yellow Office

I adore the combo. So, of course… I’m redoing my art studio and office in yellow + grey! Here is my “dream setup” and gives you an idea of whats goin on in my mind brain.

A. Hand build desk similar to this guy by West Elm, Ana White shows you step by step instructions on how to build your own for MUCH cheaper here.

B. Rug by West Elm

C. Sabertooth Scull from ZGallerie. Why? Because everyone needs a sabertooth tiger scull in their art studio…

D. Bookshelf from Overstock

E. cleaver Bookend from CB2

F. Manhattan office chair from Overstock (though you can see my craigslist find here)

G. Filing cabinet from CB2 or find an old one and spray paint! (saves $100+ that way!)

H. Pillow from Target

Considering i have a ton of built in shelving and really dont need a sabertooth scull (though i think it would REALLY help me get inspired… somehow) this is just fun inspiration. Hopefully i’ll be able to post the before and afters soon!


Office Chair Revamp: Part 1

So in my last post, i mentioned how much i loved this chair. Still do. Wallet doesnt. So to Craigslist i went and found this lovely chair posted for $40 bucks… and guess who got it down to $25! What i like the best about it is that its a very cushioned, comfy parsons chair… with wheels!

The Downsides:

-Dirty weird fitting slip cover

-brown wood that doesnt match anything

-boring fabric

-sketchy wheels (one is basically hanging off!)

So today, my main focus was to say bye bye brown!

Step 1: Clean legs, wheels and any surface to be painted. COMPLETE

Step 2: Remove legs from chair. EPIC FAIL The screws were all horribly stripped and really didnt want to let go. So i quit trying.

Step 3: Remove wheels. SECOND EPIC FAIL I’m really not sure how those suckers were even put on. It might look like a philips but it definitely was some crazy contraption meant to never be removed (for now). So i quit again.

It definitely would have been a lot easier if i could have taken everything apart but let me tell you… it just refused to let me. So out came the plastic bags and tape.

I’ve used Krylon for just about everything. This was a plain glossy white… I usually dont like a lot of high gloss when i spray paint, but this was definitely an exception. Its really more of a Satin/gloss.  Keep in mind, use THIN layers and use quite a few layers. Especially with a piece like this, i would do an incredibly light layer of paint, wait 1 minute and do it all over again. Takes some time but then it really comes out beautifully with NO DRIPS! I also flipped the chair over to paint underneath since you could see the sides it missed from the top.

I then used Krylon Metallic silver for the wheels. They were sort of an off color bronze that just wouldnt look very good with the new fresh legs. I’ve never tried metallic before so i was definitely hesitant… but this was a last effort to attempt to salvage the wheels. Just check out those beautiful legs!

And heres the wheels after they were painted silver:

I know, right? Looks pretty legit!  So this is the first time to really use spray paint on something considered “high traffic” so we will see how well it holds up. I’ve never had to worry about picture frames or vases getting stepped on so this will be a good test to see if the spray paint that we all know and love can really stand “The Test of Rollie Chair”

I know… not a huge before and after – but this is step one, people! Definitely looks heaps better than what it did before here. I love how much one piece adds to a room. PLUS its 1000000x better than sitting on that dang ottoman. It was so low i felt like i could barely see over the top of the desk!

I’m on the search for some good fabric. I’m really digging grey and yellow right now and I will either go that route or find a good patterned neutral and attempt to sew a new slipcover. Note: Check out my fresh new sewing machine i won in a Goodwill auction for 20 bucks! AND works beautifully! Double Note: I am very inexperienced with sewing. The first and only other thing I’ve sewn was the cushions for my outdoor sectional and chair here.

So heres some fabric I’ve been shopping for. How About Orange just came out with a new line of fabrics that i adore!

Option A: Frond

Option B: Picket

Both are super fun fabrics while keeping with my grey and yellow office theme. I do love wildflower too but for a chair, that might be too much. Moving on…

Option C: Premier Prints – Definitely a bright bold yellow pattern!

Option D: Premier Prints – This is a light grey though it looks much more blue in the image. I think this pattern is a little “safe”.

Option E: Premier Prints Chevron – Always a fun pattern and I’ve definitely been seeing this style lately.

Option F: Ty Pettington – This is one of my favorites but OF COURSE the most expensive as well. Click on it larger to see the pattern a little easier.

Option G & H: Both Waverly Cross Section fabrics. Again, grey might be the easier route to go incase of any future changes but green would be bold, fun and eye catching.

I’m also new to fabric shopping so if you guys know of any great places for quality fabrics, please let me know! Jo Ann’s just doesnt cut it these days. (pun not intended… but always acceptable)

Any votes?! Help me out!


The Deets…

Alright, here it is… the nitty gritty. Down and dirty. The deets. Are you ready? I currently live with my brother, Justin. My older, messy, unorganized, grody, cage-fighting brother. I also live with (currently one) other dude named Shad who happens to also be a messy, grody cage fighter. Supposedly, i might soon be living with three.  At least security will never be an issue here…

This blog is basically my attempt to A. Stay sane. B. Make a space that is my own in a house that isn’t and C. explore my interior decorating/designing girl side in a house full of dudes. Thankfully i bribed Justin to let me have a second room (hes got FIVE bedrooms in this house! plenty to spare : ) So i use the smaller of the two as my bedroom and the larger as a living room/ art studio. I really think this was a brilliant move. Though my bedroom is tiny, it has a walk in closet and it’s really all the space i need to sleep and read.

See what i mean? pretty small… but cozy!  It definitely  needs a ton of work. Notice no baseboards and random paint missing in sections. Also i sleep on a mattress on the floor – it super comfy, but its still just a mattress on the floor. Its a work in progress, people!

And here is my “living room”

I’m very glad i was able to fit my couch in there – i’d hate to see that beauty go into storage, plus it’s a nice getaway from all the testosterone downstairs. That amazing chalkboard wall was actually there before i moved in. Justin offered to pain over it before i moved in – umm, heck no!  The lovely drawings by my darling friends; Riley thought he should show his “mad artistic skills” by drawing the only thing he knows how to draw: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. He is so talented. Also, the puppy isn’t mine, he is my roomie’s. He does like to see what the heck I am up to all the time which is fun… there should always be more puppies in the world. Heres some cute pictures of him the other morning.

Ok, i hate to post the rest of this – but here is my “art studio.” It is in quotes for a reason. I’ve never had a space just for my art so it’s just kind of all thrown into a corner. I am working on organization and I will post about that soon!

I know. Its awful. A few things to note: A. No, the image isn’t in black and white, its just boring with no color. Sad day. Its a work in progress, people! B. yes, i use an ottoman as my chair. Its horrible. Way too short and just really silly. I feel like a 5 year old trying to see over the top of the desk. C. Decent Ikea desk with almost no space.

So here is the plan: i want to build a new desk. Definitely something brighter and larger. There is just not enough space with this tiny desk and large monitor. So I’ve been drooling over this sucker:

It would definitely bring in more space, storage and really brighten up the area. Plus the plans are FREE online here. Thanks Ana : ) Once i have a larger desk – i am in serious need of a chair. I LOVE the chairs used by Jen of Made by Girl.

The great thing is they are on Overstock for a measly $187.99 and shipping is only 2 bones! Crazy! Much cheaper than even buying them locally and they have great reviews for comfort and quality. Most likely going to be a purchase in the near future! Ok, scroll down at your own risk… this is where i keep all of my art supplies.

Ahhh, i know right? Scary! Anyway, the room has 2 great closets that are perfect for storage but the one on the right is in desperate need of a coat (or 7) of paint and well, i just really need some sort of organized system. I recently bought a few things from ikea: those white storage boxes and the metal storage on the wall. I think that was step one in about 20 but I’m definitely excited to see how this space evolves. I am going to post room by room soon to give you a better picture of the space and really explain the way i plan on approaching these (many) tasks ahead!