Coral coral coral

I’m really digging me some coral lately. Im not much of a pink person so throwin a smidge of orange in there and it’s perfect!


Fabrics: Buy here and here

Pillows: Buy from here

White Coral: Find it here

Coral Frames: Found here

Coral Chest: Found here

Earrings: Buy them here

Pillows: Purchase here

All other photography found here, here, here, here and here!


Buy Gifts that Give Back!

Well Christmas is coming up and i though id throw together a good Christmas list for different types of interests. But instead of just buying crap that youll use once and forget about, heres some gifts that will actually make an impact globally.

For the techie:

The Charity:Water Jambox : $50 from every Jambox will go to Charity:Water.

HelloSomebody watches! Theres so many bright and beautiful colors and proceeds support boys in Rwanda.

For the Artist:

Makarios Prints by Esther Havens: Prices ranging from 25 – 500 bucks you can easily purchase one print in your budget! Each purchase helps support Makarios school in the Dominican Republic along with projects in Haiti and Sudan.

Krochet hats from Krochet Kids International! As much as i dont like winter, i love love the hats 🙂 I have two of these hats (one in yellow and one in ocean blue) and i LOVE them… so cute and colorful. Every hat is handmade in Uganda or Peru and creates jobs for hundreds of people. Help support them this Christmas!

For the Fashionista:

Sseko Sandals: This is one of my favorite pairs of sandals… Everywhere i go i get compliments on them. The best part is Sseko helps women in Uganda raise tuition money for their university education!

Noonday Collection Jewely & Accessories : Noonday Collection purchases fair trade products all over the globe to help create jobs.

For the person that has everything:

Buy them a brick! No, seriously. At Glimmer of Hope, they started a campaign where you buy one brick for 20 bucks.

Trust me, your friends and family will love knowing that they were able to help out in some way! Merry Christmas!


The new digs…

Oh how i love thee, new apartment! Your cleanliness, your large kitchen and lovely smelling bathroom! I wish to never part from thee… at least till my lease is up.

Guys – seriously… i cannot tell you how much I’ve ADORED my new place! I have never enjoyed privacy and a space more… ok heres some pictures from when i was getting the tour and i snapped some pictures with my crapphone.

This is our living room:

Dont you just LOVE those windows!?

Living room/ “dining room”

Here is the “dining room”

The reason why “dining room” is in quotes is because this is actually going to be my office!  I am super excited… beautiful view out the window every morning? yes please!

Here is the view off the porch:

And the kitchen:

I love everything about this kitchen… the window, the wine rack, the large pantry, the bar… i’ve been cookin like crazy since i moved in!

The Bathroom:

And notice the large garden tub? yea… to die for. 

And last, The Bedroom:

And yes, that is a SECOND porch right off the bedroom. Oh. Snap.

And of course a large walk in closet that could fit maybe 50 people in.

So there you have it! The new digs! I will put up post-move-in shenanigan updates really soon!

Recycle old shirts: DIY Shredding

I don’t post often about clothing but i thought I’d post about my new found project on recycling old shirts… i had an old white t-shirt that is super comfy but just didnt really fit me right, so i decided to give shredding a go! Click on the photo below for the tutorial i used on how to get it started..

Here is what my shirt looks like up close:

Here is a really great online tutorial on how to get it going… its pretty fun and when you get the hang of it goes really fast. I think my next project might be a cardigan, that would look pretty sweet! Oh! and when you get started, you cut off the bottom hem, i decided to use it as a headband! Works really well and it’s free! What whaaat!


Dream a little dream

I’ve been dreaming of owning a store for a long time… its always evolved and changed but now I know what i want it to be, where it would be, what we would sell…  and i was looking through “do it yourself” magazine and found this article.

I Like You is a hip boutique all about DIY and local artists work! I definitely think Austin needs a place like this… and i should open it 🙂 Some day…

Forget politics, vote for this!

My next build project (first one is here) is a dining room table and chairs! This is the table I’ve decided to build. It seats 6 but for a 30$ part i can make it… EXTENDABLE to fit 8! Cool, huh? Also, while those 2 extra chairs aren’t in use, i can have them at my work desk and art table (which currently dont have chairs) So i figure… if i’m going to put in the effort of building a dining table from scratch, might as well shove as many friends/family around it as possible. I like really simple and i love dark wood so this table is really what i’m aiming for!

Initially, I was just going to build the table and just buy chairs, but good ol’ Ana recently posted some “easy” DIY chairs… the thing is, i like them both! What are your thoughts?

Option A: Square Chair

Option B: Upholstered Parson Chair

There are multiple pros and cons with each chair. Lets start with cons because, well… i like to mix things up.


  • Opt A: intricate woodwork will be tricky to get even and also make the chair less sturdy (the more you chop up wood like that, the weaker it will be)
  • Opt B: Well just look at that sucker! It would probably take me a month just to get through one chair! And if i extend the table that means 8 months just for all the chairs!! Also, I am not a seamstress.  Oh, i know what you’re thinking – my cushions were AMAZING for my lounge chair… but that was just a sewn square – this is an entire chair. Its also more expensive with the cushions, batting, more wood, etc.


  • Opt A: Love this chair ever since i saw it on West Elm. Just a fun, unique design that adds character to a room. Most of the chair is super easy to build and wouldn’t take more than a day or two.
  • Opt B: Have also always loved the Parson Chairs and never once thought I could build one from scratch by myself. Until now. MUCH more comfortable than bare wood. One of my favorite parts is i would be able to pick my own fabric! I love funky fabric so that would bring a completely new element to my dining room!


So there you have it! Opt A: the Squared chair; Opt B: Parson Chair, Opt C: No chairs and make my guests sit on the floor.  What do you guys think?!




Young House Love – The Story Of Two Young People Falling In Love With Their First House

Ladies and Gents! If you haven’t already, be prepared to fall in love… with Young House Love. Sherry and John share their entire life – from when they were first married all the way to their recent family addition, baby Clara. They have every how-to on life from how to buy a house, 100s of DIY projects even share their secrets of full time bloggers! I initially found them when I was researching how to stain concrete haven’t looked back since. Honestly, I probably get on their website twice a day – always excited for a new post!

Some examples of their beautiful home:

Check them out and let me know what you think!


Whats crackalackin?

Ok here is the deal… I just recently got my first all by myself place…  I’ve been out of my parents place for ages but I’ve been moving constantly since. I think i calculated that I’ve moved about 20 times since i graduated high school… if not more. I know, crazy right? Anyway, so I’m finally settled down, graduated, full time jobin it – so things are pretty calm as far as location. No more moving cross country multiple times at least for now. So why not nest, right? I had some decent(ish) furniture at one point in my life but sold them when i moved back from Georgia. So I’m starting from scratch!

So far i have a lovely (but small) twin mattress, an incredible couch donated by my aristy mother (red italian leather sectional to be exact!) and well… thats about it!  I’m doing my best to transform this boring white box into home… and how will i do that you ask? As cheap as possible! I’m a photographer (aka starving artist) so I don’t have a lot of cash, but I’m creative and willing to get my hands dirty.

Style: I adore anything vintage. I love stuff with character – chipping paint, funky colors,  old cameras and globes, I’m trying not to buy any new furniture… theres so much great stuff out there already, why chop down a whole new tree?!

Current projects: Paint! I just painted by bathroom a very vibrant teal which may be a little over the top but hey… why not! My bedroom I tested a few colors but haven’t liked anything yet… I’m wanting a very light shade of grey green. I’m definitely down for the spa feel…

Build! – I just finished my first project! Pictures coming soooon!