DIY Succulents

For the wedding we used a lot of beautiful succulents as centerpieces… i’ve always been a sucker for them and i figured i could keep using them after the wedding! For those of you that know me at all know that i have no green thumb whatsoever (especially after reading this post). BUT thats the great things about succulents… they are much harder to kill. Though i will still be surprised if they last till spring. I have definitely enjoyed having them throughout the apartment though!

Aren’t they beautiful?! I love the mixture of the green succulents with the blue and teal tea light holders from West Elm. These guys are SO cute and i have more in our bedroom with the Violet glass as well. The picture below is from West Elms site (such a cute picture, huh?!) Anyway, LOVE all the colors.

Photo from West Elm

I also have the table runners from the wedding covering my whole desk… Love it!

Anyway, below are some awesome DIY projects that you can do with succulents. They are clingly little plants that are very versitile and grow just as well sideways as straight up. You can also trim a few leaves off and replant it to grow a whole new succulent!

This incredible DIY Succulent picture frames is from Better Homes and Gardens. Click on the link for a full step by step tutorial… MUCH more simple than it looks!

Photo by Better Homes and Gardens.
How about a DIY wreath? Its a nice way to put a unique touch on the holidays! Can also be used as a table centerpiece with. DIY found at Prudent Baby. Full step by step tutorial is on their website!

Photo from Prudent Baby
Heres a sweet DIY Cement Planter by Re-nest

Photo by Re-nest
Here is a fun “centerpiece” for an outdoor table by Far out Flora

Photo by Far out Flora

If you want to buy your own succulents… buy them off Etsy! The Succulent Garden sells trimmings as well as potted succulents in all shapes sizes and colors! You can start your own garden with only a few bucks. Enjoy!



How Pinterest Planned my Wedding

First off, let the record be know that Pinterest didn’t actually PLAN my wedding. A lovely wedding planner/kick a** friend named Ashley did. Pinterest didnt put in time, blood and lots of sweat like she did (no really, she was injured and bled multiple times, one from trekking through the forrest in high heels). With that said… here is how Pinterest inspired almost every element of my wedding.

Step One:

Make a Pinterest account

Step Two:

Make a Wedding Inspiration board

Mine is called “Tyin the Knot” with dozens of pictures of dresses, invitations, cakes, veils, photos, etc.

Step Three:

Post every photo of everything that you love or are inspired by on the board. Voila! Wedding planned!

For example… here is the inspiration for my dress:

And heres my dress!

From that first picture i realized how much i LOVE tea length dresses and sweetheart necklines. Before the wedding i knew ZERO about wedding dresses but it didnt matter. I saw a picture i loved and the FIRST dress at the FIRST boutique i went to was perfectly me. ( i went to maybe 12 other shops after that at the request of friends/family)

And how about the cake? Found this cake and loved the simplicity of it. Also the dimensions – having three different smaller cakes added a fun dimension to it. Throw on some of your flowers and voila!

I havent received all the photos back yet from the photographer but heres one side shot of the cakes!

Even the color palate was inspired by pinterest. Actually i’ll go ahead and say it was stolen. Heres the “inspiration” photo…

And here is the color palate that i sent to everyone:

So yea, lets go ahead and say it didnt inspire the color palate. It provided it.

And one of my favorites? The flowers… Chelsea Moon did all the flowers all while she was in LA! She flew in 2 days before the wedding to set everything up and she also sang at the wedding! If you need flowers, i HIGHLY recommend her! Also, get on itunes and buy her album “Chelsea Moon and Uncle Daddy” Hymn Project, Vol. 1  and shes in the process of recording an all new album to be out soon! Check out her website for more info.

Anyway, so heres some Pinterest inspiration shots of flowers that i just loved:

 I loved the huge roses with dozens of petals mixed with the blue spiky flowers and other unique plants

I’m obsessed with this arrangement. It has the same blue spiky flowers but with a fun pop of color!

Ignore the bad facebook photo but heres one of the beautiful funky bouquets:

It really couldnt have been more perfect or more me.

It just ended up being a fun, relaxed wedding that couldn’t have been more perfect. If you live in Austin and need any recommendations on a caterer, florist, music, photographer, invitations, programs – anything… they were all AMAZING. That was one of the easiest parts of the wedding… If you hire people that are fun and professional.. theres nothing to stress about. They will all do their job at the best of their ability.

And of course, i need to send out my thanks to pinterest for inspiring every aspect of my wedding. And dont worry, ill get into more details.. photos should be in in the next week or two so i can post more about the behind the scenes details!


Save the Date!

Just wanted to show off my sweet save the dates! And just look how they came packaged:

Seriously cute, right?

The beautiful Brandi over at  Ampersand designed these oh so cute postcards! We decided just to keep it simple and fun.

Check out Ampersand if you need to order Save the Dates or Invites. They have pre made designs for a more budget friendly route! Don’t you love them? I know i do! Thanks Brandi, i really couldn’t be happier!

“Just call Bill”

First off, i wrote this post maybe 2 weeks ago… thats just how crazy my head is right now. Wedding planning is nuts… i dont think i’ve mentioned that enough. Without further adieu, here is past Rachel…

Yesterday, (aka 2 weeks ago) Kenny, Ashley (my good friend and planner) and I went to our dinner tasting. First off, let me just say that was one of the best meals I’ve had in a while… granted i eat a lot of pizza and mac & cheese… but holy cow. And for half the cost of all the other caterers i found heres advice i took that you should too… Just call Bill. A good friend of mine is a wedding planner and i starting talking about all the ridiculous quotes we were getting on food and she gave me a number and said “Just call Bill”. This guy is awesome… we had a 3 hour 8 course meal that was absolutely delish.

Everything is Tapas (not topless… dont mix up the two) so its small portions but everything is delish and filling. But not that too-full-i-can-no-longer-enjoy-how-good-that-food-was type of full. I dont like that full. Side note: the first time me and Kenny hung out it was for my BFFs bday at a Tapas bar and Kenny was very confused when i invited him. I then told him “The food is delicious!” Which i think just confused him more since he thought i was at a topless bar eating chicken wings. So understand TAPAS not TOPLESS.. moving on…

So anyway, this isnt at all what we ate but its a good example of what it looked like. I lied. What i ate looked 20 times better…

First off, here is the menu:


Clove, Szechuan Peppercorn and Star Anise infused Pomegranate Juice

Hibiscus infused Agua Fresca


Croustade of Double Cream Brie, Carmelized Pear, Pancetta- Red Onion Relish Micro Arugula


Pumpkinseed Crusted Goat Cheese Mouse. Paquillo Pepper, Blue Corn Tuile, Pumpkinseed – Red Chili Oil – Micro Cilantro

“Peas and Carrots”

Galangal, Kaffir Lime and Coconut Milk infused Carrot “Panna Cotta,” Pea Tendri, Mint Garnish


Sandwich of Spanish Style Smoked Pimentono Egg Salad. Applewood Smoked Bacon Baby Arugula


Frittata of Hot Italian Sausage, Spinach and Caramalized Onion Grated Asiago


Skewered 5 Cheese Tortellini Cilantro Pecan Pesto


“Martini” of Shrimp Escabeche, Black Olives, Mint


Brochette of Malaysian Style Grilled Sirloin Shitake Mushroom, Shiso, Kaffir Lime – Soy Syrup, Dijon Mustard Cream

Back to present Rachel. I know its probably a bad idea to post this… and post about my dress, and post about my shoes but heck, I’ve always been an open book, why stop now? Plus after reading my delish menu, thats even MORE reason (like you needed more) to come to my wedding! I really wish i took pictures of everything, im definitely kicking myself for not.. but i definitely would have felt unbride-ish if i broke out my dslr in the middle of a fancy dinner. Then again, i dont think im a typical bride…

And for those who have no idea what a lot of those fancy words meant… heres the official Rachslation…


Pomegranate Juice with stuff in it

Fancy flavored water


Cheese, on toast with Pear stuff on top.


Cheese ball, red pepper, fancy blue corn chip on top

“Peas and Carrots”

Carrot soup stuff thats not a soup since its solid but its really nom nom nomable


 Egg Salad sandwich with bacon. We’re not talking the lame egg salad but a really really good kind.


First off, who ever calls this frittata? Its called quiche with sausage and cheese.


Skewered 5 Cheese Tortellini Cilantro Pecan Pesto – well that one actually is exactly what it sounds like. Except only the most amazing tortellini and pesto ever invented.


Shrimp in stuff


Beef + amazing sauce + mushrooms = heaven on a stick. I call dibs on 12 of these at the wedding. Im the bride. i do what i want.

So the moral of this story is, never ever ever take your first offer. Or your first caterer. I definitely got someone tons cheaper plus tons more of the yummy. Yup, i does grammer good.


$13,000 for hors d’oeuvres?!

I have officially realized that everyone needs to quit their day job and just work weddings. There is a RIDICULOUS amount of money in them. I always knew there was a lot but dang! So first off, let me tell you that i have a wedding planner. Pretty much a must unless you  have no job and really nothing else to do but plan a wedding…t this is definitely a full time job! My wedding planner is the bomb dot com. She takes away any stress, makes me laugh and reminds me daily that weddings are supposed to be FUN! Who knew, right? Anyway, so we’ve decided to go fairly inexpensive on the food side of the budget. Sorry if you’re coming… no lobster for you! We just have a lot of other places are bigger priorities – like the photographer – seriously, unless i had someone fabulous, I know i would be correcting them the whole time, telling them what to do and stressing that they will just mess everything up.

So the plan was to have lots of fun hors d’oeuvres! Check these guys out:

Why hello there, Tiramisu shot glasses…

Mini tacos? I just died…

Oh my goodness, how cute is this table? Love it!

So you’d think serving up fun little foods would be delish and not too much $$$. Umm, wrong. Apparently it’s about half the budget! Forget that. You guys are getting peanuts.


*As always, click on images for original sources!

Eyepatches and Wedding Dresses…

I have multiple requests for more late night postings. Its seriously a bad idea, but I’ve got to make my readers happy! I just get in this weird stage before im asleep but after I’m tired when I start to say super silly things and i either make no sense or decide not to use a filter on my thoughts that most people should use.

So I’ve got 82 days to go until the big day. Man, things are getting fun! Today i went with the fiancé to have him try on suits and then go and register. First off, let me say my man is a stud. He’s a hunk all the time but throw him in a suit and dang… 82 days it way too long. I know what everything is thinking… you all want to see how studly he really is in a suit and well, heck why not…. He might kill me but thats ok. He doesn’t even like me talking about him on the ol blog so this is only the second time I posted a picture of him on here. The first time was when he was helping me strip the finish off of my console table rebuild here. And, no, I’m STILL not finished with that thing. Let me say though, i WAS going to work on it a few sundays ago but then my boyfriend went and proposed and threw all my plans off. No, I’m really not complaining.

Second, i am only showing you this photo for 2 reasons; 1. This isn’t the suit he picked so it doesn’t really count  2. posting pictures of my hunk will bring in more views. Just kidding. But seriously.

I mean does he look like Sean Connery in To Russia, with Love or what?!

Next we went to register! Ok, so rant time. I am so lost in all of the “requirements”, “rules” and “etiquette” of weddings. I’ve been to plenty but I’ve never planned one and i didn’t realize how many  small silly details you have to do for etiquette. I’m pretty sure if a professional wedding planner came to my wedding they might pass out from all the traditions we will be breaking and wedding “no nos” we will most likely commit. Like posting every detail of your plans BEFORE the wedding actually occurs… i might lose the element of surprise a little bit but hey… its my wedding! i can do what i want.

Sidenote (because 3am postings are always pointless without them): Ok, i love dogs (this is a super side note since it has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with anything im talking about) so yea, dogs. Love em. Aaaalso allergic to them. Some more than others. Maggie is on the “more than others” side.

So pretty dang allergic but look at that face! Way too cute not to love! So i decided that it would be a good idea to wrestle with her… play fighting with puppies always puts me in a better mood. But now I have been sneezing and rubbing my eyes for the last hour. And i thought i had something in my eye but my actual eye is swollen. And now its almost swollen shut… so basically I’m typing this while sneezing and with only one eye. I sacrifice for my readers, fo sho.

Ok so registering… i just dont get it. I do but i dont. We felt super weird to put a “christmas” list together of all the stuff we wanted. But hey, if people wants to give us awesome stuff on top of the fact that i get to marry an awesome dude, bring it on.  Maybe i should register for an eye patch. Other side note: did you know pirates usually wore eye patches not because they were missing an eye but because they would see better in the dark? True story. Did you also know that when you register at stores they give you free stuff? Crate and Barrel gave us a free vase! We decided we should go back 20+ times under different aliases and costumes to get enough vases to use as centerpieces. Genius? I think so.

Kenny claimed the “gun” and had fun scanning random stuff like a mango peeler. Really though, i get it. A lot of people have no clue what we need and they want the gifts to actually be useful so registering gives them a good idea of what we really need in our “new lives together”. I definitely think getting an ipad will improve our marriage… yes, i really put an ipad 2 on one of the registries and no, i dont really think material possessions will improve our lives together. It might just improve my blogging though.

Oh man, i almost forgot… Kenny has officially accidentally seen me in a wedding dress! I was warned about taking pictures of the dresses as i tried them on and he might accidentally see them on my phone or computer but i didnt think it would actually happen. Today, i was uploading the suit pictures off of Kenny’s phone onto my computer and i wasn’t looking when he pointed at the screen (thankfully while looking away) and said “umm… Rachel…” It took me a second to figure out what he was talking about but then i saw the screen i had 4 different shots just sitting there full size on the screen. Well, crap.

And of course one of the dresses on there was maybe one of the ugliest dresses I’ve ever seen. Easily one of the ugliest I’ve ever worn… the lady at the boutique thought it would look good on me and well, I’m honestly tempted to post the picture because what the heck was she thinking? or the designer? or anyone who would have bought it? Ok, I’m posting it… Kenny has seen it anyway, right?

I’m sorry if you’re reading this and it was your wedding dress… but man i didnt like that one bit. I think I was smiling because it was either sick nasty or some family members were making sly remarks. The fabric was super soft but that was the only thing going for it. I will tell you, there were worse… much worse. But just seeing it on made me laugh. Man, this has to be a 3am post for me to A. post a picture of me in a wedding dress before my wedding and B. post a picture of me in a horribly ugly wedding dress at all. ever. Well at least when everyone sees me the day of they might sigh a bit of relief that I’m not in this bed sheet getup. Sidenote #7: my eye has completely swollen shut. Maybe thats my body telling me to go to bed. Until next 3am post, gnight!


Oh snap…

…. no one told me that wedding planning was so difficult! Venues, flowers, colors, dresses… gosh i have no clue what I’m doing. So far what I have picked out is… wait for it…. wait for it…. nothing. Yea, nothing. Theres just so many choices for everything! And oh man, for an incredibly indecisive couple like us, this is going to get crazy. Sidenote: I’ve had the hiccups for like an hour. Funny like the first hiccup or two but now im about to kill someone. (can we say wedding planning stress or what?!)

Anyway, i thought i would just throw out some of my fav wedding inspiration. Theres a lot out there, folks. Especially on pinterest. That site is just mean… i could be on there for 12 hours straight and still wonder what new pins are up…  So without further adieu… wedding stuff!! yaaaay!

First off, what is THE most important thing about a wedding? the dress? no.. the whole “marriage” thing? nope… its aaaaaall about the cake. Thats what everyone goes to weddings for, lets be honest, people. So how ridiculously amazing is this? A PAINTED cake? Umm, yes please!

Ok, lets talk flowers. Seriously, two K for some flowers? seriously? they just grab a bunch of them and throw ribbon around them… thats it. And they get 2 grand. Whateve… how about some door knobs instead?

Bam! Doorknob bouquet. Maybe 20 bucks total… lasts a lot longer and is all around awesome. Now, i know what you’re thinking. “Rachel, you are going to have the coolest wedding of all time. Painted cakes and doorknob bouquets… ” Its true. I’m awesome. But i will be honest… i went into this thinking i was going to be as far away from traditional as humanly possible. But the more i get into this stuff… dang, I’m kind of cheesy. No, i dont want my fiance seeing me before the wedding. Yes, I want the good ol scripture readings to take place. And well… I’ve been gettin all gitty about the details.. yea, for serious. Went out dress shopping and man, i got excited! Who knew?! I actually fell in love with the first dress i saw in the first boutique i went into. Oh, dont worry, i went into about 17 more stores after that and tried on 638 different dresses… but yup, still love that first dress. Kind of want to wear it all the time. Good sign i think?! Anyway, I’m obviously not going to post the dress I want incase my snoopy fiance decides to read this and get a sneak peek before he’s allowed so I will leave you with just some fun dress + accessory awesomeness.

Super cute, huh? I will not disclose if mine is at all the same as this one (which its not) but this is one I definitely love. Except I can only find it on ebay… and that just makes me Uber nervous. Any of you brides make a wedding dress purchase on ebay?!?

So definitely with a dress like that you’re going to need statement shoes.

Go big or go home. I am definitely going to wear some super tall heels. Hey, my fiance is 6’1, if i dont, i look teeny tiny and have to get on my tippy toes to kiss him. Plus 1″ heels are super lame. Sidenote #2: It may not be a good idea to post on my blog at 1am. I tend to say rather silly things and could possibly offend people (like those of you that spend 2,000 on flowers and wore 1″ heels) My bad.

Ok, moving on. Veil: the only way i think i would wear a veil is A. if its rad and like the picture below and B. if i had a simple dress without a ton of crap on it. (i.e. glitter, flower pouf thingies, ribbons, etc. etc. etc.) Ok wait, on that note, im going to vent again…  of those 638 dresses i tried on… SO many of them were just plastered with that stuff! I mean how hard should it be to find a simple dress? I was about to just run to JC Penny to pick up a dress that didn’t have glitter caked on it. (dont worry folks, i didnt)

So yea, i like this but maybe not the whole crazy feather thing. Thats a little much. By the way, incase any of you were wondering… yes, I am still hiccuping. I feel like I’m about to pass out.

Alright, receptiony things… apparently i love peonies. Everything about these pictures i absolutely adore…

Oh heres another good one… this is a super cute outdoor reception:

Love love those chairs and pillows! so dang cute.

Hold up…  this is just gettin crazy. This blog went from how to build your own furniture  – using power tools, how to stain… and now we are at high heels, flowers and dresses. The femininity of this blog jumped up 57 notches post engagement. I just need to go build something…


Huge news! Drumroll please…..

…. I’m engaged! Yup, true story! (side note: On April 1st we fooled some people into thinking we were engaged so most people didn’t believe me at first!) We are beyond excited and only have a few months to plan so this shall be interesting… especially because i have no clue whatsoever how to plan a wedding.

Second huge news….. (check out this adorbs picture of me and my fiancé to add to the dramatic pause)

(Isn’t he super cute?!)

We are getting a house! What what! (well, hopefully…) We find out soon what kind of loan we could get and then on from there. Neither of us have owned homes and neither of us know what the crap we are doing with home searches, mortgages or anything buying related… but it’s looking like its a huge possibility and I can’t wait to find a fun fixer upper!

So basically this blog officially went from boring-decorating-only-two-rooms-in-my-brothers-sicknasty-house to wedding/home buying extravaganza! Sounds much more exciting, huh?! I thought it would be fun to “document” the entire process (like i dont have enough on my plate, i think the best option is to write about it as well) The way i see it is organizing my thoughts in blog form.

So here we go with planning a wedding, buying a house, moving in all before November…. oh snap…