Porch: Completed

I’m going to officially say the porch is complete. For now. Theres a few things that need updating but for now…  I adore it. Maggie also wanted to model for you guys her usual chill spot. She likes to watch the runners and the other puppies. So cute!

Future updates:

– Carpet. Obviously. This carpet is an INDOOR carpet. Talk about eww. Its a good temporary but after i also dumped paint on it, its lookin pretty sketch town.

– Pillows. The pillows are all also indoor pillows which means they wont hold up for too long. The seat pillows were hand sewn with outdoor fabric and outdoor foam so those are going to hold up for years. Read my post here about how my mother and I tackled my first ever sewing project (pajama pants in 5th grade excluded). Someday I’ll save up the cash to sew maybe 6 large squishy pillows and maybe a few accent ones. Until then, we’ve got these succas.

Why, hello puppy!



Top Ten

Introducing: Top Ten! A series featuring top tens. Top ten what? Who knows. Top ten printmaking artists, top ten high heels, top ten product designs… top ten ways to go bungee jumping. Who knows. Thats the fun of it. Enjoy!

What the heck is that? Dwell Creative? Who knows. We might find out soon. Maybe. Anyway, on with the list!

1. First off, i have no idea how long this fake-animal-head-on-the-wall fad is going to last.. but i like it. Much better than read dead animals. Eww. Anyway, isnt this just the freakin coolest thing in the world? The polygon double deer is by the artist Koehi Nawa who has much more incredible work on his site. Considering this is the only piece in existence (for now), im pretty sure it would be pretty dang expensive.

2 & 3. Ok, doesnt that picture just make you want to go buy everything? It does for me. Atleast the poufs and the geometric side table. Both are from Crate and Barrel. I just love the bold colors and modern Moroccan look! Turns out the poufs are made in Minnesota. Not so much Moroccan. Still love them.

4. This sectional from CB2. Considering i have a huge maroon couch, I’m dreaming of a nice grey or neutral couch i could sink into. Im not dissing our couch, its just really hard to match with maroon! Just sayin.

5. I’ve been eyeing the arc floor lamp for years now. Love the 70s look while its great for saving on floor space. Also from Crate and Barrel.

6. I love that all you need is a throw pillow or two to completely change a room. Especially if its a few Caitlin Wilson Textiles pillows. ITS SO FLUFFY IM GONNA DIE! Ok no really, its just i love the colors and patterns. Its not like its a unicorn or something.

7. First off, let me just say that i am an artist without an easel. That is not ok. Second, isn’t this the coolest freakin easel you’ve ever seen? Its freakin clear! Love it. Damn you, CB2.

8. If you ever read my blog, i might have posted about these rugs 2 days ago. But they are just so beautiful to my eyes! Amy Butler. Always rocking my face off with her awesome patterns and colors.

9. You always need a good painting. Even if its a print of a good painting. At 300 bucks, its a bit pricy for a print. Ok its overpriced. But i still like it. Its better than the 3,000 painting I was going to put up. Ok so i swear im not sponsored by C&B but for some reason it sounds like i am. funny how stuff turns out.

10. I love plants. Even though i always end up killing them. I still love them and attempt to keep them around. Found out that i have 17 plants in our little one bedroom apartment. I’m telling you, i love me some plants. Especially succulents. Especially succulents in adorable terrariums from Zgallerie.

Whelp, there was the first ever Top Ten! I suppose it should have been Top Ten Crate and Barrel finds.. but I’m not going back now! By the way… its 2am and I literally haven’t stopped working since 10 this morning. Thats what happens when i sleep in… i stay up! Ok, ok, finally headed to bed! G’night! Err… morning…

Decorating 101: Walls

So Ive had multiple people tell me this week that i need to come over and decorate. First off, heck yes! I love to decorate, especially when its with someone elses credit card. What I’m realizing is how hard it is to move into a house with horrible paint color… throw your furniture wherever it best fits and then to be overwhelmed with how the heck to start decorating. So i put together a few tips! The most important thing to know is that its going to take time. Its not going to change overnight unless you have the money to do so. Even then, its better to just gather pieces you love, pillows you adore and random crap to make your house (or apartment) a home!

So first up, we are talking about cho walls. This is the easiest way to change up the feel of the room. And sometimes drastically. You can add paint, wall paper, shelving, pictures or art… this is a great way to add some color and have a little fun!


My first advice is not to go too crazy. or too boring. I’ve been house hunting and some houses are completely white… not a single hint of color on a single wall. And theres other houses where you feel like you’re walking through a rainbow. And thats not a good thing. Feel free to go bold on one wall, but not 20. Not sure about what color you want? Check out My Colortopia! This is a great new website where you can import an image and it comes up with multiple corresponding colors for you. For example, i uploaded this image from Desire to Inspire.

I uploaded the image and then it asked me to select a part of the room that i love in particular. It came up with a few selections of colors. Pick each of those colors and it comes up with a full color palate for you. This is a great option when you have no clue or maybe you like one rug or accessory in particular but youre not sure what colors would go great as paint colors. So definitely check it out, its a great resource!

A coat of paint can do wonders to a space. West Elm turned this boring office into a cozy space with a great deep ocean blue.

Your color choice always determines the mood of the room. If you want a calm, relaxing “spa-like” environment, go for lighter colors like sea green.


Also dont be afraid to try some crazy colors. Maybe a bold yellow, green or even purple. I wouldnt suggest your whole house be eggplant, but one accent wall in the bathroom would bring out a nice relaxing space to come home to.



How about some wallpaper? Theres a ton of really great new modern wall paper like what MadebyGirl used in her office over at Graham and Brown. Isnt this so cute?!


What about stenciling? I love the look of a high glossed stencil over a matte paint color. Does this look classy or what!? I’ve heard it takes a while but its always worth it. Image from Cutting Edge Stencils.

I love everything about this shot. Such a pretty wall!


How about a chevron accent wall? How can you not love this!? Adorbs.



The best way to keep your house from feeling like your home is to have big blank walls. I know that you’ve got a ton of really cute pictures that need to be printed and framed. How about a cute mirror to add some depth. Even an old poster could be spruced up by throwin a fancy frame on it. Put up some floating shelves and add some decor, frames and accessories.



Over at Young House Love they snagged some inexpensive frames from ikea that are huge and square. Then they simply added colored paper! Its really that easy to get a fun pop of color.

You can always change it later to polaroids or photos.


You dont have to be a millionaire to have some great art. Etsy has really made some incredible art accessible. If you know me, you know i love Mae Chevrette. As must as I’d love an original piece, you can grab a high quality, archival print for less than 50 bucks (depending on what size you get!) $42 bucks for a 16 x 20 of this “Always” print would look just lovely on my walls.

How about 42 bucks for a large 18 x 22 print of this Boston skyline:

And one of my favorite “Bloom” paintings:

All four images above are by Mae Chevrette!

Just get on Etsy and dig around. You can find tons of amazing artists selling either originals or inexpensive prints! Go find YOUR favorite artist!


You could also always make your own art! I am no painter. Read here and you know i just like to push around paint… its more fun than anything for me. But just sometimes i come up with something i enjoy enough to put up on my walls. In this case, my best friend’s wall:

Or these recent fun, small little paintings that add a great splash of color to my office:

Or this piece that i put up in our bedroom. Love maps? Paint one! What do you love? What colors do you love? Its definitely the cheapest way to bring some art into your home.

I’ve even got a piece in my kitchen. If you cant paint walls while in an apartment, a large blue painting is a great way to add some color:

Wall Decor

Theres also other things you can put on your wall other than just paintings. I love adding dimension. Like these wall sculptures that are remarkable affordable bring nature inside and add a lot of fun depth to your walls:


I also love these antique wall tiles i found for  a few bucks a piece at the City Wide Garage Sale. Just find fun things like this that are interesting or pretty to you and throw them up on the wall. I love the texture and interest those two tiles create.

How about just throw some freakin plants on the wall like here from West Elm. Just make sure you have a ton of light in this space or else you’ll have a lot of dead plants on your wall.

How about a chalkboard and 3D letters. I love this space because the walls are covered… but somehow its still not too much. Love it!


So get to it! Go grab a bucket of paint and add a little character to your walls.

Also coming up, I’ll be posting Decor 101: Furniture and Decor 101: Accessories. Stay tuned!


DIY Succulents

For the wedding we used a lot of beautiful succulents as centerpieces… i’ve always been a sucker for them and i figured i could keep using them after the wedding! For those of you that know me at all know that i have no green thumb whatsoever (especially after reading this post). BUT thats the great things about succulents… they are much harder to kill. Though i will still be surprised if they last till spring. I have definitely enjoyed having them throughout the apartment though!

Aren’t they beautiful?! I love the mixture of the green succulents with the blue and teal tea light holders from West Elm. These guys are SO cute and i have more in our bedroom with the Violet glass as well. The picture below is from West Elms site (such a cute picture, huh?!) Anyway, LOVE all the colors.

Photo from West Elm

I also have the table runners from the wedding covering my whole desk… Love it!

Anyway, below are some awesome DIY projects that you can do with succulents. They are clingly little plants that are very versitile and grow just as well sideways as straight up. You can also trim a few leaves off and replant it to grow a whole new succulent!

This incredible DIY Succulent picture frames is from Better Homes and Gardens. Click on the link for a full step by step tutorial… MUCH more simple than it looks!

Photo by Better Homes and Gardens.
How about a DIY wreath? Its a nice way to put a unique touch on the holidays! Can also be used as a table centerpiece with. DIY found at Prudent Baby. Full step by step tutorial is on their website!

Photo from Prudent Baby
Heres a sweet DIY Cement Planter by Re-nest

Photo by Re-nest
Here is a fun “centerpiece” for an outdoor table by Far out Flora

Photo by Far out Flora

If you want to buy your own succulents… buy them off Etsy! The Succulent Garden sells trimmings as well as potted succulents in all shapes sizes and colors! You can start your own garden with only a few bucks. Enjoy!


Orchid you not!

Did anyone notice my new buddy in my office?

If the title wasn’t hint enough, it is my oh so pretty orchid!

First off, I have to admit i have a history of killing easy to care for plants. It might be a curse. A few years ago, i planted a bulb of stargazer lilies at my apartment (oh how i adore some lilies!) And after months of caring for it, i FINALLY got a bud! I was super excited and watched it every day to wait for it to grow and finally bloom. It was about 80% open when my dog’s tail smacked the crap out of it and sent my beautiful lily flying across the porch and slamming into the wall. It was so destroyed i couldnt even admire it unattached from the stem. It was mush.

After that, a friend bought me a plant for my office that was deemed “the most impossible to kill”. The thing was completely dead in a month.

Well! I’m at a new stage in my life and determined to get rid of my “black thumb”. Ok, one thing everyone MUST know is that if you are going to buy plants – go to Home Depot. No, I’m not sponsored but their return policy is ridiculous! They basically have a life time warranty so even if you run it over with your car, just bring that sucker in with a receipt and they will reimburse you. I’m really not joking – try it out. Anyway, i went in last week to bring a little life to my place and found the orchid, two modern simple vases and a leafy plant (no clue what its actually called) all for 20 bucks! Considering everywhere else I went charged at least 15 for just an orchid, I’d say thats a super awesome deal.

 Check out those sweet, simple and colorful vases they came with!
For now, this lil guy is going to chill on my living room ottoman. By the way, how to on that spiffy DIY tray posted soon!

So feel free to be jealous of my beautiful plant life and improved oxygen flow… or go out and get one for yourself!

Who wants to put in bets on how long these guys stay alive? I’m determined, mind you. My vote is that they will never ever die or be unhealthy. I can 100% guarantee that is not at all accurate but i can dream, can’t i?

*UPDATE: All plants are dead or dying. of course.